[Sweetie Belle]
Cheerilee is sweet and kind
She's the best teacher we could hope for
Hearts and Hooves Day song - The Perfect Stallion - MLP FiM01:38

Hearts and Hooves Day song - The Perfect Stallion - MLP FiM

The perfect stallion you and I must find
One to really make her heart soar.

This one's too young.
This one's too old.
He clearly has a terrible cold.

[Apple Bloom]
This guy's too silly.
He's way too uptight.

Pony elegante: I say!

[Sweetie Belle]
We'll nothing's wrong with this one,
He seems alright.

[Scootaloo]: His girlfriend sure thinks so.

[Sweetie Belle]
How 'bout this one?
[Apple Bloom]
He's much too flashy.
He might do...
[Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle]
If he weren't so splashy.

[Apple Bloom]
Too short.
[Sweetie Belle]
Too tall.
[Apple Bloom]
Too clean.
Too smelly.
[Sweetie Belle]
He's strangely obsessed with tubs of jelly.
Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle:

[Apple Bloom]
I don't think that we're mistaken
It seems all the good ones are taken.
[Sweetie Belle]
I really feel that at this rate,
We'll never find the perfect date.
[Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle]
Don't wanna quit and give up hope.

Scootaloo: Doing anything special for Hearts and Hooves Day?

Sweetie Belle: Oh please oh please oh please say...

Big Macintosh: Nope.

[Sweetie Belle]
We did it girls, we've found the one.
Who will send our teacher's heart aflutter.

Apple Bloom: Wait a minute, let me get this straight. Are you talkin' about my brother?

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